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Hot Snack's Now On The Menu.
In addition to the crisps, nuts.sweets, etc.that we always offer, we have now added a couple of hot snacks to our menu. Named to go with our Titanic dining room and the Hounddog hotel, we now offer:
The 'Hounddog Hot Dog' - a freshly cooked hot-dog complete with fried onions and topped with mustard or tomato ketchup - ideal when your stomach is growling!
The 'Titanic Burger' - Freshly cooked burger topped with fresh tomato and 'iceburg' lettuce - can you sink one!

New En-Suite Added.
Here at the Hounddog we are committed to continually improving our guest facilites. For the 2007 season we have added an additional en-suite room complete with 'Queen Anne' four-poster bed.(Bigger than a king size bed).Just in case you wanted something 'special' for your  Blackpool holiday break, at no extra cost. Why not enquire about this room when you next book?
New Bathroom For 2008.
After considering adding further en-suites to our family rooms, we consulted with some of our regular family guests (as we consider their opinions to be extremely important to us). All the family groups we spoke to urged us NOT to change the rooms at all as they loved the current spaciousness. After much thought on this subject, we decided to remove one of our guest rooms and replace it with a large, purpose built 'Family Bathroom' complete with bath as well as shower cubicle, wash hand basin and toilet.

New For 2009.
After receiving several enquiries from 'larger' family groups, for an 'en-suite' room sleeping 5 to 7 people; we have decided to create such a room. 
Newly created for 2009, we have knocked two existing rooms into one and created a large, roomy, 'en-suite' family room. Specifically designed for family groups of up to seven people.

 New For 2010.

We have purchased another four poster-bed, for our large family room. This is to give parents a special treat and still enjoy their time with the Children.

Here at the Hounddog Hotel, we  listen to your comments....and 'always' trying to accommodate.

New For 2011

This Website.(which I created myself ) is to give our future guest's, more information about us and our guest house.


We have decided to make our room one en-suite larger.This is achieved by joining the first floor toilet and Room '1' en-suite together. Which gives all room's on this level large en-suites.We always try and make our Guest's comfortable. (work starts in january).

We are pleased to Announce our new en-suite to room one is now complete. 20/1/2012

Bairstow Street receives award.

Bairstow Street has been awarded 'Blackpool's best Street 2011' by Blackpool Civic trust. The street beat off tough competition to achieve 1st place. Hotels received a certificate each and the Street received a commemorative street sign.

Hounddog Goes WiFi.
Need your PC for your business? or just need to check your Emails whilst on holiday. Well now you can. The Hounddog hotel provides FREE WI-FI.  

We are always trying to help our guest's.  And for that reason have brought a WI-FI BOOSTER. to improve the signal on the top floor.

At the request of our guests, we have created a 'Facebook' group so that friends can keep in touch, let each other know when they will be returning and share other information, pictures & links.
Why not visit our 'Facebook' Group.   click here -HOUNDDOG FAMILY.  

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Covid19 : were ready to provide You with the safe knowledge we have done all we can to protect you while your with us.